Manageable is an early stage HR SaaS startup.

The team is currently two founders, Steve Petersheim and Kevin Earnest, who are developing their vision and growing the team to launch the Manageable system in the fall of 2020.

Steve Petersheim, CEO

Steve always has loved working with people as a leader and mentor. He spent 15 years leading small and large teams in newspaper distribution starting with traditional publishers JRC and USA TODAY. In the early 2000’s he independently built recruiting and management systems for startup free dailies in Philadelphia, Boston, and New York with Metro and amNY. This is where he began to understand that all organizations face similar performance challenges and that these challenges are almost always attributed to misunderstandings between managers and employees.

He moved into HR in 2012 and led the culture transformation at Demme Learning that resulted in them winning the When Works Award in 2017 and placing on the Best Places to Work in PA list in 2019. Manageable is his vision to help other companies encourage independence, build trust, and develop strong relationships between managers and employees.

Kevin Earnest, President

Kevin has spent over 30 years studying people in a multitude of organizational settings. He served 9 years in the US Air Force where he taught leadership principles and practices to non-commissioned officers. He then moved into the private sector where he led Operations and HR teams first in the automotive industry at Lear Corporation for 6 yrs and then the pharmaceutical industry for 10 years at Pfizer and Johnson & Johnson. Kevin has been advising CEOs for the past 12 years across a diverse clientele in Central Pennsylvania.

“Manageable has been a great team to work with. They helped us build our role descriptions which were critical to aligning the right people into the right seats.”

Nathan Shea, CEO SecureStrux

“Love how organized it is – easy to find, easy to use, loved the options”

Current System User

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