The Manageable Approach

Because talking about work shouldn’t be so hard

We believe that everyone ought to work in an environment where they feel trusted and valued, so we created an HR SaaS platform for Performance Management that makes it easy to define expectations, give effective coaching, and do useful appraisals.

The system structures everything around what matters most, the actual work that people do everyday

We help managers and employees develop mutual trust and respect with focused conversations about work inside a clean and intuitive interface proven to increase employee engagement.

When a system becomes , employees understand their value and are eager to apply their capability to its fullest. High-potential-employees have ample opportunity to stand out, and managers provide consistent feedback and recognition.

As trust improves, everyone feels empowered. Employee Engagement increases and productivity and profitability follow

uses a proven, science-based approach to provide a structure, a vocabulary, and a process all in a robust online HR system that’s intuitive and easy to use. We reduce emails and pdf’s, ensure compliance, automate documentation, and make information easily available for everyone.

Talking about work shouldn’t be so hard.

We’re here to help you and your team make it better.

makes work better

Coming December 2020

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