RAMP Templates

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RAMP is a vocabulary, a structure, and a process for Performance Development that encourage productive conversations about work to build and maintain a healthy culture of contribution where employees thrive and businesses succeed.

When managers use these tools to define expectations and talk about work, their team will respond to the no-nonsense approach that keeps the focus on what’s relevant.


Define the day-to-day


Define special projects


Coach toward success


Measure effectiveness

During normal day-to-day interactions, opportunities to add value become self-evident so that when the team is talking, they’re talking about what matters most: getting stuff done!

Templates for Download

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Summary of Cognitive Information Processing Levels

A summary of what Cognitive Information Processing is and a chart showing estimated worldwide distribution.

Guide to Cognitive Information Processing Levels

A guide you can use to recognize the type of work that’s normally expected for success at various levels of an organization


Universal expectations for working in a culture of mutual trust and respect

Role Template

Defining expectations of everything needed for success in a Role

Assignment Template

The accountable way to define special projects and goals

1:1 Check-in Meeting Template

Coaching toward success and finding opportunities to add value

Performance Template

The performance review that people actually want to have