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Better Performance Management to unleash everyone’s best efforts

Get the right talent into the right roles to execute business strategy

MANAGEABLE is an early-stage SaaS startup set to launch in November of 2020

66% of employees are disengaged and it costs US businesses $550B annually

69% of managers are uncomfortable communicating with their team

50% of HR professionals feel overwhelmed at work

86% of CEOs aren’t sure if they have the right talent to execute their strategy

Is your Performance Management system producing the results you desire?

MANAGEABLE is the only HR system designed to build trust, strengthen relationships, and increase engagement across an organization

We believe that everyone ought to work in a system where they feel trusted and valued

With MANAGEABLE, Managers and HR finally get a system that works hard for them instead of them working hard to make the system work


No more pdf’s, emails, or paper.
Put more energy toward goals and less time toward busy work


Open and honest conversations about the actual work is the best way for managers to add value


When people talk about their work they naturally see how their best efforts contribute to company goals

… the most impactful development happens not through formal programs, but smaller moments that occur within the workplace: on-the-job learning opportunities that are wholeheartedly catered to the worker’s unique needs and challenges.

Margaret Rogers
Harvard Business review January 2020

in other words…

The Work

is a Human Capital Management (HCM) system delivered online

We make work better with an HR information system (HRIS) that has all the necessary HR features along with a set of collaborative, helpful practices to increase business success by building trust and strengthening relationships.

The MANAGEABLE system structures everything around what matters most,
the actual work that people do everyday

We help managers and employees have meaningful conversations about work. We encourage independent judgment and create accountability where it belongs so that everyone can understand more precisely how their value contributes to the organization’s success.

When a system becomes MANAGEABLE, employees understand their value and are eager to apply their capability to its fullest. High-potential-employees have ample opportunity to stand out, and managers provide consistent feedback and recognition.

MANAGEABLE uses a proven, science based approach designed to achieve three very attainable goals…

  • Organizations will function at a high level of performance to achieve organizational goals in the production of high-quality output that’s in alignment with corporate culture and values
  • People will use their capability not only for their own personal growth, but also to contribute to the growth of the organization
  • People will rest secure knowing that they can trust their co-workers to work together in an honest and straight-forward manner

As trust improves, everyone feels empowered. Employee engagement increases and productivity and profitability follow

We provide a structure, a vocabulary, and a process all in a robust online HR system that is intuitive and easy to use. We reduce emails and pdf’s, ensure compliance, automate documentation, and make information easily available for everyone.

MANAGEABLE makes work better.

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