66% of American employees are not engaged in their work (Gallup 2018)

$11,000 per employee is wasted at the average company because of that disengagement (LinkedIn 2017)

Can you imagine what 95% engagement would feel like? If 95% of employees felt valued and engaged, the social benefit to our world would be amazing, and the positive financial impact on businesses would be huge.

We’re helping managers and employees make work better with a brand new HR software platform called Manageable. It handles all the traditional HR practices while also facilitating communication between managers and employees so that they can embrace their own judgment to strengthen relationships and grow trust.

We take the drudgery out of job descriptions and performance appraisals and turn them into meaningful conversations

Manageable makes it easy to document conversations about work with a dynamic set of data that helps employees understand exactly what their manager expects and what their path of progression can look like. It also streamlines and simplifies all HR processes.

The founders of Manageable have over 50 years combined experience in various HR, Operations, Consulting, and general management roles. We’ve worked with hundreds of public, private, and family businesses, and we have personally interviewed thousands of employees. We’ve seen and heard the good, the bad, and the ugly, and we found a way to consistently make work better. Here’s how we did it at one company…

The Engagement Story at Demme Learning

In 2013, we began a quest to improve culture and engagement at a Lancaster, PA based company called Demme Learning. Ethan Demme had recently taken over the business from his father, and he was looking to make a transformation. We implemented a management system using paper-based job descriptions and performance appraisals that we now call Manageable. In 2014 Ethan took his first measure of employee engagement, and it came in at 74%. As we continued to develop the system and train employees, engagement improved every year. In 2019 we developed the online version of Manageable and got rid of all the paperwork, and in October of 2019 Demme Learning had their best engagement score to date at 89% and they placed #27 on the Best Places to Work in Pennsylvania list. That’s a 15% improvement in employee engagement!

We were extremely encouraged by this success, and we received very positive feedback from the employee users of the system. Here are some direct quotes….

  • I like the fact that you can go back in the system and see prior reviews you have had
  • I love how organized it is – easy to find, easy to use, loved the options to type things in
  • It was nice not having the hassle of sending documents back and forth
  • I like that we can add notes, compare notes, and see the path that we got to

With results like these, we decided to share our ideas with others, and we created Manageable, a SaaS Human Capital Management System. We want to help other companies adopt the open, honest practices that we know lead to greater employee independence and better workplaces.

As of March 2020, we’re an early stage start-up, sharing our passion and ideas with potential investors to raise funds to transform our prototype into a market viable product. At the same time, we’re continuing to work in-person to help organizations see measurable improvement in their employee engagement. 

We’re Manageable. We Make Work Better.

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